Lianka Cleaning Services

Jaden Salazar

I am very impressed with how clean the carpet was! The best part is that it dried very quickly, so I no longer have a musty smell like the one I got with other carpet cleaners. Very professional service! I highly recommend it.

Jessica Johnson

Lianka Cleaning Services does the best job! They are very friendly and easy to work with. We are extremely satisfied every time our rugs are cleaned! I didn't think our rugs could look as good as they do!

Andres Garcia

I have two dogs, so my carpet was disgusting! But not after Lianka Cleaning Services has disappeared! Now they look brand new. Dogs can come home, how we have the best service to clean ourselves!

Our vision

By taking cleaning off your “to do” list time is freed for family, friends and fun! We offers are cleaning services along with window cleaning and any other type of methods known to meet every need for both the home and business. We offer peace of mind knowing your space is cleaned to the highest and safest standards utilizing the best cleaning system.